Interested in giving The Filipino some leads, some facts, your angles, your take on things, including the very premise of pending AAF! questions?

Yes?  Then read on.

The Filipino is slowly being swamped with some of the world's most vexing questions involving Filipinos and the Philippines, and so he figured he needs a way to take advantage of the collective wisdom and knowledge of some of the people who regularly visit and read his blog before he's completely buried by these questions.  So if you care to help him, found below is a short list of some of the questions he has received so far that he has yet to answer.

But first, some points to note:

(1) Send in your leads, facts, angles, take on things, etc., ONLY via email to askthepinoy@gmail.com.

(2) The Filipino may OR may not answer any of the unanswered questions posed so far.  This is his blog so the decision to answer any question is entirely up to him.  As a corollary to this, questions are not necessarily answered in the order they were received.

(3) If he does decide to answer the question regarding which you have emailed him some of your input, The Filipino will try his best to give credit where credit is due.  But if he fails to attribute anything to you in his post, it may mean one or a combination of the following: (a) your contribution is his opinion too, to begin with; (b) it is too mainstream; (c) it is commonly held or is easily found on the Web or elsewhere; or (d) he meant to credit you but unintentionally dropped the attribution, in which case you are free to remind him to correct his error.

(4) If his opinions conflict with yours and he decides to write about or trash yours, don't feel bad, okay? Walang personalan, trabaho lang.  (Nothing personal, just part of the job.)

(5) The Filipino will try his best to continually update this page and will delete questions as they get answered.

So, without much further ado, here's the partial list so far of questions still to be answered:

- Who is more talented -- the Filipino or the Filipina?
- Is the Philippines a good investment destination?
- Which is the best Philippine university?
- Is the US the best country in the world for Filipinos?
- Is Janette Gerolaga the best Filipino chef?
- What do Filipinos and Koreans share in common?
- Do Pinoys really have the longest Christmas season/celebration in the world?
- Why is Simbang Gabi called as such when it is held very early in the morning?
- How can really honest folks like jeepney drivers be part of one of Asia's most corrupt countries?
- Can we blame Philippine politicians for being so corrupt if they make very little money?
- Why are a lot of Filipinos in the US Republican supporters?
- Which Philippine bank is the best you can recommend?
- Is the Philippines great for retirement?
- Why is Rizal the national hero and not Bonifacio?

Got a question for The Filipino?  Email him now at askthepinoy@gmail.com.
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