Feb 11, 2011

Are there jobs in the Philippines for Westerners?

Dear Filipino,

I'm thinking of moving to the Philippines for a change of pace and scenery, but I'm concerned of course how I can survive there if I don't have a job.  I guess I have a little capital for a small business, but are there jobs there for foreigners like me?

Western Man

Dear Western,

Of course, there are jobs there for people like you!

But first, you have to learn a local language. Then, you can, for instance, start a taxi business in Isabela -- like what Jason and Tory tried to do:

Okay. I guess that didn't pan out very well for them. What about a jeepney business in Quezon City?

Or what about selling taho?

See, they made money!

Bottomline: You'll be fine -- so go and move East, man!

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Ablang said...

As a Filipino American, I found these videos quite entertaining to watch. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I saw the taxi one before but the other two are a treat! It really does help if you speak Tagalog, too. :)

Sai said...

Maaan... those guys made me laugh. <3

sly said...


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