Jan 29, 2011

Poetic license: Can we have fun with some anagrams?

(Source: BrandInfection.com)
An anagram is a type of word play where the letters of a word or phrase are rearranged to produce a new word or phrase using all the original letters exactly once.  Some of the more famous examples are: evil = vile; evian = naive; a decimal point = I'm a dot in place; Madonna Louise Ciccone = One cool dance musician.  The original word or phrase (i.e., evil, evian, a decimal point, Madonna Louise Ciccone) is called the subject. 

An antigram is a type of anagram where the meaning of the anagram is considered opposite in some way to the subject. A classic example is: funeral = real fun.

An egroupmate, Ed de Guzman, sent me some fun anagrams last night which inspired me to come up with some of mine too for this blog.  I came up with enough anagrammatic lines to make the 5-stanza poem below, with each line linked to a post which somehow relates to the line.  (Okay, okay -- admittedly, some lines don't make as much sense as the others, and others probably don't make much sense at all, but that's why I'm invoking poetic license here.)  Are they simple anagrams or antigrams?  I just post, you decide! 
Ask ThePinoy

He kin post ya!
He kin stop ya!
He kin spot ya!
Key points, ha?

A ken so pithy -
Hip to sneaky!
Hot penis yak!
He nip yo task!

A stinky hope?
Ah, spiky tone!
Hates pink, yo!
Ape thinks, yo!

A shy poet kin?
The soapy kin!
Hypo? Takes in
The okay spin!

This okay pen
Okays hip ten!
Hey, ink a post -
Inky ape host!
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Ed (via email) said...

Allow me to sneak in my own
one-liner attempt, culled from your blogspot's "Ask The Pinoy" title: i.e.
"Peso ya think?".

Anonymous said...

noble1A man introduced himself,
"Madam I'm Adam"

For which the girl replied,
"Sir I'm Iris"

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