Nov 19, 2010

Who are those Filipino backup singers for Justin Bieber?

Dear Filipino,

I saw Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live one time and he performed with a young group of Filipino guys. Who are they?


Dear Kurious,

They're Micah Tolentino, Chris Abad, Delfin Lazaro and Dominic Manuel -- members of the San Francisco Bay Area R&B group called Legaci. The New York Times featured the group in an article entitled "Unexpected Harmony," calling them "the most visible yet invisible pop figures in the world."

Actually, they were already YouTube "stars" in their own right when Scooter Braun, the manager of Justin Bieber, saw their rendition of "Baby," which they performed together with Vietnamese-American singer Cathy Nguyen and the rapper Traphik. Here's the video:

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Neneng Tarigan said...

I am not surprise at all, because the Philippines has so many internationally professional well known singers that we in Indonesia loved so much, such as Fredy Aguillar (Anak), Jose Mary Chan (Beautiful Girl), Eddy...and once I met a Philippines singer in Thailand, whose voice really like and angel singing....I admire u all guys...

The Filipino said...

@Neneng: Your kind words are appreciated. The Filipino loves music but music does not proportionally love him back! ;-)

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