Oct 20, 2010

Welcome and ask away!

Why lie?  This site was inspired by "Ask a Mexican" and "Ask a Korean" -- two fine web sites that provide answers to questions that confound, baffle, puzzle, vex, bug, stump, or even annoy people about the Mexicans/Mexico and Koreans/Korea, respectively.  Hopefully, this site will also grow to become a robust site worthy of being called the go-to site for people who have questions about the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora.  Of course, the main aim of the site is to hopefully make other people understand the Filipino people better.  Not an ignoble aim, don't you think?

Please have patience as the Filipino tries his hand on maintaining a blog/website.  The Filipino is on a shoe-string budget so for now, he's using the free Blogger account to do this thing.  So if it's not very pleasing to the eye, have some pity, will you please?


Donna said...


Why do pinays have dark underarms?

The Filipino said...

Donna: I really want to answer just the emailed questions, but I'll make an exception for this and answer this as another blog entry.

All: For answers to your questions, please email the question to The Filipino at askthepinoy@gmail.com.

Sai said...

Right. I've finally come to the first post of this blog after 3 hours of reading (amidst laughter on humorous posts and serious contemplation on the well... the not-so-funny ones). It's quite a shock to discover there's no "Older Posts" on the lower portion of the page but as I feel I have not really digested everything I've read, I'll probably enjoy it the next time around after I've slept and eaten. I don't feel eloquent enough to say my thanks, but 'tis truly fun to read your posts. I'll come by and re-read them all... and I better start from the beginning and not the other way around like I did just now! XD

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